Medicolegal Reports

I am a trained expert witness and a member of the Faculty of Expert Witnesses. My areas of interest are Industrial Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Personal Injury or Clinical Negligence cases relating to the ears, nose or throat.


I am happy to provide a wide range of medico-legal services including Liability and Causation, Condition and Prognosis as well as Personal Injury reports.

In addition to full reports, I offer preliminary or screening reports (including perusal of the medical notes and an opinion as to whether there has been a Breach of Duty). The current turn around time for standard reports is 2-4 weeks but “fast-track” reports can be expedited where required, subject to an uplifted fee.

Claimants can be interviewed and examined during the process of preparing reports at Nuffield Hospital Plymouth, or at other venues across Devon and Cornwall by arrangement.


Case Reviews

I will review the medical records and provide an overview of the particular case.  This review will give the instructing solicitors guidance in assessing the merits of the case. Each review will come with a recommendation:

  • No case to answer or

  • Clear evidence suggesting negligence or

  • Insufficient information to arrive at a safe conclusion, recommend more detailed analysis


Liability & Causation Reports

A full and detailed Liability and Causation report will be prepared to comply with Part 35 CPR and suitable for disclosure.  Each report contains:

  • a summary of the case

  • a summary of the expert opinion

  • a list of documents from which the report was prepared

  • a detailed past medical history of the claimant

  • a full and detailed chronology

  • a detailed and clear opinion

  • my relevant experience and professional prologue

  • list of references / guidelines etc

Completion of these reports is usually within 2 – 4 weeks of receiving the documentation and authorisation to proceed but cases can be fast tracked after individual discussion.


Condition and Prognosis Reports

This is a full report using documentation provided in a similar format to a Liability and Causation report but including a full examination of the client and analysis of their current condition and prognosis.  Life expectancy and special requirements can also be addressed.  

I will usually be able to complete these reports within 2 – 4 weeks of receiving the documentation and authorisation to proceed.

If you would like me to take on your case, please contact my PA for Terms and Conditions, and to arrange for an in-depth clinical assessment at the Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital. Or complete the form below and we will get in touch with you.

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